The Backman Emotional Technique©

Powerful Training: “Emotional Healing Thru Forgiveness”
For Professionals, Students and Healers

Now you can integrate the renowned Backman Emotional Technique© into your own practice or for personal growth!

Emotional Healing thru Forgiveness


Dr. Rose’s powerful training program, “Emotional Healing Thru Forgiveness”, is a solid, proven process to learn and experience the breakthrough process designed to help clients overcome negative beliefs and create better outcomes in their lives.

Over the course of fun-filled, emotional and highly transformative weekend you’ll learn:

  • To stop judging yourself and others without guilt or shame.
  • How to test the body with no guesswork using kinesiology.
  • What to do if a client shuts down emotionally.
  • How to identify and remove emotional attachment to physical pain and disease.
  • To delete self-sabotaging negative patterns and transform them.
  • To understand and utilize forgiveness; the key to all healing.
  • How to change the body’s physiology related to known past traumatic events.
  • How to develop a practice and start using this technique immediately.
  • That eliminating money and weight problems, relationship issues for yourself can be effortless and the benefits will be endless.
  • How your beliefs affect your life choices.
  • How to help people with alcohol and drug addictions.
  • Volunteers will be at the course for students to test.
  • This technique also works with testing animals.
  • To play again, feel again, for the first time be real again.

This powerful weekend event is backed up by 100 hours of practicum where you’ll get thorough grounding in the techniques. Once you’ve completed your practicum (and you have an entire year to do it!) you’ll receive certification in the Backman Emotional Technique©.


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Pre-registration is required.
To be held in beautiful Kelowna, BC

If you are looking for me to teach in your area please call for more information.

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When we change ourselves, we change the world. Our thoughts feed us more than any food we put in our mouth! Please join me for some phenomenal healing of mind, body and spirit!

Always keep your power!