The Alternative Choice for Alcohol and Drug Issues: Part 3

One of the most common questions we are asked when dealing with adduction are, “How long will it take to cure an addiction?”.  The only thing we can say for certain is that it’s different for everyone. Remember you’re not curing an addiction; you’re curing a dependency on either substances or addictive behavior used to deal with a completely separate underlining issue.

Doctors and therapists have been trying to learn how to overcome addiction by treating people for addiction and this is one of the reasons why the long term success rates of overcoming addiction can be so low with these traditional approaches. The doctors are hacking at the branches instead of going after the roots because addictions are not the true problem, addictions are symptoms of underlying conditions. In essence there are four causes of dependency:

1.) Unresolved issues from the past

2.) Chemical imbalance

3.) Unhealthy belief systems

4.) Inability to cope.


In order to truthfully heal one must first believe that she can heal and release all painful past beliefs. We are responsible for our thoughts, we are responsible for our emotions and so when we change unhealthy beliefs we must trust and believe that our mind will create peace, harmony, prosperity and a knowingness to trust the universe.

Breaking the addiction takes more time for some, less for others, there are 7 billion people on this planet and they are all unique from one to another. That being said, based on our experience, we typically suggest three to six months minimum.  We have found that within that times frame there are generally eight rules to succeed:

1.) Remove all alcohol or drugs in your space

2.) Stay away from friends that are a bad influence

3.) Detox your body

4.) Release caffeine and cigarettes as your substitute addiction

5.) Avoid refined flour and sugars

6.) Take whole food supplements

7.) Receive chiropractic or natural alignment

8.) Release unhealthy beliefs.


My husband Brian and I have made being natural doctors our life’s passion and our business for well over 20 years and I don’t need to tell you that it has been one of the greatest journey’s of our lives. We believe in working with the whole body, changing what you eat and using whole food supplements. While working with the entire body like this we can begin to more successfully reprogram the mind and allowing you to truthly claim your connection to the universe. In essence our dedication is and always has been to using a holistic approach for all healing in the mind, body and the soul.

Its imperative we transform our mind and body. No one has ever successfully escaped from themselves in the long run, they’ve only transformed.

Are you ready to have a wake-up-call and be real?

The challenge of mindfulness is to work with the very circumstances that you find yourself in – no matter how unpleasant, how discouraging, how limited, how unending and stuck they may appear to be. Make sure you’ve done everything to transform yourself into who you really are. Many of us become who we are not. So why not let go and admit you have the power to choose your own pathway. Take a moment right now and invite mindfulness to enter and heal your so-called addictions. Will you call on the real you to emerge and be free?

Remember, wherever you go, there you are.