The Alternative Choice for Alcohol and Drug Issues: Part 2

You ask yourself how this could happen

One of my clients started drinking at three years old. How is that possible you ask yourself? During one of our sessions the young addict shared with me that at the age of 3 he drank a mickey of liquor and didn’t know what he was drinking. Contrary to what you may think they should have done, his family didn’t’ rush him to the hospital, they didn’t call 911, there was no doctor to inspect him and no ambulance to wisk him off to the coverful supervision of trained medical professionals. What ended up happening was that his family nursed him back to health themselves over the next 3 days.  How bad could it be I imagine they wondered, what’s the worst that can happen?  Of course we all know what the worst could have been and it wasn’t until many years later that his aunt told him he could have died from alcohol poisoning, giving him an abrupt wake-up call to just how easily his life could have been snuffed out after only 3 years.

As he grew up he went from foster home to foster home until he was nine.  He had a perpetual chip on his shoulder, he carried his anger on his sleeve, ready to snap at a moments notice, he was frustrated all the time and tenaciously fought and resisted anyone in a position of authority. After many years of stubbornness, years of needing control and a streak of dishonesty a mile long he finally collapsed emotionally and surrendered.

Ironically enough, his body was in great shape, on the outside that is.  Internally it was a completely different story, the polar opposite you could say.  He was screaming to be loved and to feel good enough. Everyone in his family was an alcoholic; he chose to be a control freak, body builder and part-time juice monkey. Alcohol was not his issue, needing control and feeling loveable and good enough was his fix.

Do you agree we all have some underlying addiction? Some are subtle and more acceptable than others. I’ve seen people addicted to cleanliness, needing approval, spending money, refuse to give up depression and it goes on and on. These addictions are no different; they’re just more acceptable in our society.

What if alcoholism and addiction are curable? What if they are not a disease? What if once an alcoholic or addict is not true?

It is my intention to change that paradigm. I’m writing this to give you hope and to share that when you change your unhealthy beliefs your unhealthy thoughts will unravel.