Services By Brian

The Power of Therapeutic Touch

At age 38, the doctors told Brian Backman to “go home and prepare to die.” And frankly, he couldn’t wait for the day…

Portions of both lungs had been removed. He could barely function between the back pain and the excessive amount of pain killers he took. In short, he was ready to die.

Then he discovered the principles of natural healing. Now today Brian is a vital part of the Backman and Backman practice and offers services based on his own gift: therapeutic touch.


Women tend to “stuff” their emotions and take on the role of caregiver for everyone around them. This eventually leads to negativity, stress, and pain. Not just their own pain, but the pain of others as well.

Using his gift of therapeutic touch, over the past 25 years Brian developed a massage technique designed specifically for women to release that pain, those negative emotions and to overcome their emotional and health issues.

Since most people don’t get enough appropriate touch in their lives, this is a great way to feel better about yourself and your place in the world.

Fees: $99/hour Contact Dr. Brian for an appointment

“Dr. Brian’s massage creates a total body ‘sigh’: hands like angel’s wings.” – T.L., Kelowna, BC