We all hold certain beliefs. Beliefs which hold us back from reaching our true potential.
Many of these beliefs are centered around the three key areas of our life: money, weight or relationships. Sometimes all three.

These beliefs are deep seated. Many of them having been set before we even remember.

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“I’m not good enough.”

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“I don’t matter.”

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“It’s my fault.”


These beliefs are so damaging, many of us never overcome them and live lives of quiet desperation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Using her own Backman Emotional Technique, Dr. Rose Backman can quickly identify the specific issues which hold you back and transform your beliefs.

Dr. Rose’s expertise is in finding your core issues and guiding you through a simple, but effective process which removes your barriers.

Her techniques will help you claim your power and you will not allow anyone take it away again.

If you’re stuck in any of the major areas of life: money, weight or relationships, set an appointment with Dr. Rose and finally give yourself permission to release your unhealthy beliefs.