6 Signs Of Addiction Week 3

In this series radio segments I produced with Q103 in Kelowna we are going to talk about “6 Signs Of Addiction Week 3.”

Last week we shared the “6 Signs of Addiction Week 2.” [themify_button style=”large yellow round” link=”http://drrosebackman.com/dr-rose-6-signs-of-addiction-week-2/” text=”#000″ ]Listen to the recording here![/themify_button]

This time on A Moment with Dr. Rose we will finish up with our series, “6 Signs of Addiction – Week 3.” Today we will discuss the last 3 signs of addicion: personality changes, changes to appearance and physical changes.

I hope these short radio clips help you in your life. If you need more assistance with this topic, please give me a call. I would love to talk to you!

And remember:

Always keep your power!