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Dr Rose BackmanNow you can access the Power of the Unstoppable Woman in a phone call and get your most pressing issues addressed – no matter WHERE you are.

Whether it’s a physical challenge or an emotional issue – or both, Dr. Rose can help you.

80% of her work is over the phone, with patients from all over the world taking Dr. Rose’s no-nonsense advice to life fuller, happier and healthier lives.

And you can too!

The Backman Emotional Technique© works just as well if you’re a thousand miles away as it does if you were sitting across from Dr. Rose as it’s based on your ENERGY – which is something Dr. Rose intuitively feels.

Dr. Rose will help you get to your core issue within three minutes and spend the rest of the time breaking the belief that’s keeping you from claiming your power.

Whether it’s money… weight… or relationships, Dr. Rose will have an impact on your life.

When you have the courage to break beliefs that aren’t serving you, your whole life will shift if you’re willing to let it.

This may be the most important investment in your future you could ever make.
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The time you spent with me were so enlightening … not in a 100 years would I have come up with this issue from 50 years ago. — Edith C. Edmonton