The Alternative Choice for Alcohol and Drug Issues: Part 1

There comes a time when we have to face the spiritual challenge of looking in the mirror and figuring out who we are and who we choose to be in all areas of our lives.

Alcohol and drugs as you know (I hope you’re aware) are used to hide our emotions and feelings so that we never have to face them, so that we never have to truly take a hard look at ourselves. They are a means to avoid ever looking at who are are and running away from all of the choices that we have made in our lives up to this point.

It's never a true escape

We’re told that even if we were to stop abusing substances the dis-ease would continue and that somewhere inside of ourselves we’re addicts or alcoholics forever, that this ‘disorder’ is somehow fundamentally part of who we are. I disagree. My intention is to show people that when they discover and heal their underlying conditions, their dependency can cease forever. When someone turns and faces those things about themselves that they have been drinking to forgot, the need and dependency for alcohol evaporates.

The road to recovery starts when one finally has had enough of abusing oneself, ending relapse and suffering. We can go on and on where recovery starts for each individual. The bottom line is the addicts will keep abusing themselves until they’ve had enough.

For the addict the reality of what truly matters in life is their next fix, no matter the form, and more importantly the escape it brings. The irony of course is that their fix isn’t truly an escape from anything but merely a false respite. Afterwards the cause of their suffering will always return, usually stronger than before, requiring a greater distraction to escape. For an addict to truly be free they must look beneath the surface and dive into facing the emotions and beliefs that led them down their pathway of self-destruction. Only through present awareness and understanding of the root cause of the suffering can an addict begin to truly break free of underlying control it has over their behaviour and their life

It is possible to be free