Unstoppable Seminars

Attention Seminar Leaders, Meeting Planners, Event Organizers!

Let Dr. Rose Backman WOW your next event with her funny, outrageous, tell-it-like-it-is approach to motivation. She uses a combination of kinesiology, audience participation and her own Backman Emotional Technique™ to motivate, inspire and transform.
Recognized internationally as one of the top speakers at any event, she will keep your audience mesmerized as shares her no-nonsense style.
If you’re looking to get your meeting off to a powerful start… or need a keynote speech, seminar, full or half-day workshop, Dr. Rose delivers in such a way that will leave a lasting impression. Attendees will talk about your event long after the last guest has gone home!
Here are some of the topics Dr. Rose has presented in the past.
If you can’t find the topic you need for your event, let Dr. Rose customize a presentation exclusively for your audience!


Available as Keynote, Workshop or Seminar

The Power of an Unstoppable Woman is an inspiring topic for all women in need of a recharge. Dr. Rose draws you out of your comfort zone and into your POWER zone! Discover how your belief systems affect your life decisions and learn how to break free from generations of programming. Learn why women give away our power and voice and how we can reclaim our worthiness and set boundaries. Discover the four factors to increase your deserving levels, increase your self-esteem and confidence. Tap into your unstoppable power and transform your life today.

Key Learning Points:

  • How to harness the immense power every woman possesses
  • How to find your voice again and begin to use it
  • A quick but lasting way to change any negative beliefs
  • The power of strong boundaries and how to set them


Available as Keynote, Workshop or Seminar

Has life become routine? Do you avoid challenges in favor of the familiar? Are you going nowhere? Realize that your life today is a result of the choices you’ve made. It’s time Dr. Rose gave you a wake-up call! Can you handle self-appraisal? Discover your strengths and weaknesses and learn that life is a growth school. Learn the lessons and act on them. Find your power, claim it, and vow to always keep it. Enjoy taking risks and feel the accomplishments of stepping out of the comfort zone into your power zone. Live to your ultimate potential!

Key Learning Points:

  • How to do an honest appraisal of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • How one small change can help you claim your power
  • Three steps to stepping out of your comfort zone and live life to your ultimate potential

TOPIC 3: My White Picket Fence Has Just Changed Color!

Available as Keynote, Workshop or Seminar

Is your relationship today NOT what you expected when you said, “I do”? Did you get married just to get divorced? Dr. Rose asks these and other challenging questions as she addresses the topic of relationships head-on. Learn to name what you want before you can create it. Get out of your own way by eliminating sabotage. Claim your voice and allow yourself to be heard! Realize that happiness has a domino effect. When you are happy, those around you are happy. Discover your truths, realize your true self, and paint your fence its true color!

Key Learning Points:

  • The true measure of happiness is found within
  • How to stop yourself from self-sabotage and move forward
  • Four action steps to a harmonious relationship right now
  • How to live peacefully with another individual

TOPIC 4: Will The REAL YOU Please Stand Up?

Available as Workshop

Are you a controller? A talker? A peacekeeper? An analyzer? Who are you really? In this 3-hour workshop uncover your true personality with an in-depth personality test. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type and others and accept yourself for who you really are. Discover how understanding personality types can help you with all your relationships: in your family, with your friends, even at work. Did you know that opposites really do attract? Find out why in this fun, hands-on workshop with Dr. Rose!

Key Learning Points:

  • The four personality types and how they interact
  • How to quickly determine the personality type of those around you
  • How to use the personality profile to understand why you do what you do
  • How to understand others

Dr. Rose was exceptional. She brought some fascinating things to light. Dr. Rose was incredibly powerful and I was totally WOW’d. She managed to mesmerize 250 women at the end of a very long day and is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any event. Thank you Dr. Rose.
— Christina Awram, Founder: Women of Worth Conference