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Become the Queen or King of Mastering Your Emotions

You must have a huge energy inside of you that wants emotional peace so badly that you won’t settle for less. The gigantic leap is to commit to finding the root cause of why one sabotages their money, weight, or relationship issues that stop success in its track. It’s not the same for everyone.

I believe you must make a decision to stop lying to yourself right now, and dig into the truth!

Once you start releasing the lies the mastery begins.

Join Dr. Rose Backman on her show this week where she will teach you simple steps to shatter the lies we tell ourselves daily.



Always keep your power!


Dr. Rose Backman is a specialized emotional and physical kinesiologist who propels people out of their comfort zone into their POWER zone. As a mindset expert, she guides those who have a desire for change to become more of who they really are.