About Us

Dr. Rose is an enigma. Her tell it like it is approach to patients belies the heart as big as all outdoors she possesses.

She gets to the crux of patient issues in mere minutes and sets you on the right path to healing your deepest pain almost instantly.

On first meeting Dr. Rose Backman, you’d never know she suffered a devastating tragedy early in her married life. Her husband was murdered right outside their home over 30 years ago.

Her bubbly personality and no-nonsense approach to life are a direct result of her choice to heal her mental and emotional pain rather than let grief and anger rule her life.

Rose took everything she learned from this tragedy and turned it into her mission to help others with their own struggles. After all, if she could empower herself after the sudden loss of her husband she can certainly empower you!

Having Practiced For More Than 25 Years, She Knows A Thing Or Two About How To Help You.

Dr. Rose works with her self-developed “Backman Emotional Technique©” and other modalities to identify your core issues and teach you to have strength, faith, love, hope, and power over your life. Her methods have helped thousands of people handle issues related to addiction, depression, stress, weight, relationships, and finances.
Her CV backs up her experience. Her list of credentials is impressive:
  • She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Nutrition at the American College of Independent Studies in Indianapolis.
  • She is certified in Contact Reflex Analysis with Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas.
  • Certified in Nutrition Response Testing from Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.
  • Certification in Emotional Polarity Technique with Dr. Annette Cargioli, DC, in Indianapolis.
  • With further training in cellular healing, Rose then developed her specialized “Backman Emotional Technique©”, that she believes is the missing link to more immediate and effective healing.
  • Certified in the Morphagenic™ technique from Doctor Frank Springob.

Dr. Rose Backman made it her mission to overcome her own tragedy and help others to focus on becoming the best they can be. So if you’re struggling with your own issues, a session with Dr. Rose will set you on the right path.

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Dr. Rose is one of those individuals that you can never forget. She is very people-centric, gentle and has an extremely warm presence. Upon receiving her services I could feel a physical result in my body. Stress was relieved and it remained so permanently. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rose to everyone!

Dimetrios Tzortzis
Senior Consultant